A three session of General Body Meeting of the Staff Welfare Association(SWA), Government J. Thankima College was held at BS Farm today. The meeting was followed by a farewell programme and election of SWA leaders for 2018-19.

The Chairperson of SWA, Lalhmachhuana presided over the first session where account report was presented by Zohmangaiha, Treasurer, SWA and Rebecca Khiangte, Secretary of the Association delivered a detailed report on the various achievements made by the Association for the welfare and development of the College.

The Secretary Rebecca reported that, the SWA was instrumental in preventing encroachments of the Central Campus from the neighbouring land owners and the subsequent transfer of the Central Campus from Lunglei Road to Brigade Area of Bawngkawn.

The first session also includes revision and amendments of the SWA rules and regulations. The draft for the revision and amendments to the SWA rules and regulations was presented by Lalthlamuana, Vice President; a major amendment adopted was the tenure of office bearers which shall be one (1) year henceforth.

The second session was a farewell session for K. Sapchhungi, IV Grade and Lalrinfeli, LDC who were transfered to Directorate, Higher & Technical Education Department, GoM and Institute of Advanced Studies & Education, GoM. Before the two members were invited to speak, Zohmangaiha, College Librarian and F. Lalhlira, Head Assistant delivered a farewell speech on behalf of the Institution.

As a memorial gift, a citation and cash amounting to ₹ 3,000/- was handed to them by Dengtluangi Khawlhring, Cashier and Ramnunngaii, LDC.

In the third session, elections to the office bearers of SWA, 2018-19 was conducted with Ronald Lalnunmawia Royte as Returning Officer and Dr. Josephine Lalrindiki, Lalromawia, Reuben Lalrinnunga as Polling Officers.

The elected office bearers were:
Chairperson: Lalhmachhuana
Vice Chairperson: Lalthlamuana
Secretary: Dr. JV Nunchunga
Assistant Secretary: Rebecca Khiangte
Treasurer: Zohmangaiha
Finance Secretary: Lalrinfeli

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