Vision and Mission of the College

The vision of the College is reflected in the College motto ‘Soar High,’ where each learner, nurtured with values, dignity, integrity, and courage clothed with determination strives to achieve excellence and attain the highest possible limit in his endeavor for the good of his individuality and the society. The curriculum of the degree course should be administered meticulously to enlighten the social, political, economic and cultural issues faced by the society along with the possible solution derived through scientific outlook to facilitate good and responsible citizenry. Learners must be made sensitive to global issues with a practical approach. Therefore, the College strives for fostering global competencies among students, inculcating a spirit of healthy competition, hard work, and determination in the quest for excellence.

The students should exhibit a good moral discipline and conduct complemented with adequate life skills to face the challenges of life with leadership qualities. Leadership qualities with free and independent thinking strengthened with moral dignity should form the foundation of every individual personality which is to be attained through association in various activities of the College.

Education, in general, must be the centre of transformation, preservation, and redefinition of traditional and contemporary values. And higher education plays the most significant role in the process of proliferating a cultured man and women. As such, the College envisioned an education system that nurtures good citizenry with leadership qualities exhibiting a good moral discipline, in the quest for excellence and accomplishment.

Through education, the College has a mission to train the youth to contribute to wealth generation and to overcome physical, mental, social, economic, national and international impediment. The students of the College should become a valuable resource for the enhancement and sustenance of development for the nation and the state of Mizoram. Through the principle of ‘First Come, First Serve,’ in admission procedure the College aims to realize its mission of educating the youth of the rural areas, students with limited means and slow learners to acquire global competencies and necessary skills. In fine, the College foundation rests on the maxim that the means of work are as important as the end. ‘If the means are ethical, the end is bound to be productive’ – Vivekananda.

Under the vision stated above, the objectives of the College are briefly given as follows:

Our Objectives:
• To motivate the socially and economically disadvantaged students from rural areas for education.
• To inculcate introspective, scientific, and rational attitude amongst students and to enhance the value of the dignity of labour in them.
• To create awareness amongst students about the current social, economic and material conditions of the society, and to enable them to face the future challenges confidently.
• To work as the centre for intellectual and cultural upbringing of society.
• To proliferate educated youths with adequate life skills with moral values and dignity.
• To develop a spirit of scientific and intellectual thinking amongst the students through the teaching-learning process at higher education.
• To inculcate human values amongst students in the process of globalization which is purely material or technology-driven and knowledge-driven.

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