The Under Graduate Programme shall consist of three academic years with two semesters in each academic year. The first academic year shall be comprised of the 1st and 2nd Semesters, the second academic year – the 3rd and the 4th Semesters, and the third academic year – the 5th and the 6th semesters.

A student can avail a maximum of 10 Semesters ie., 5 years to finish graduation. No student shall be allowed to appear in any course more than three times (including a regular chance), and no student shall be allowed to appear in any course beyond ten semesters of his first admission. (Ref. MZU CBCS Regulation V (1) & (4))

Each semester will consist of 18 weeks of academic work equivalent to 90 actual teaching days. The Even Semester is from January to June and the Odd Semester is from July to December.

A student shall be eligible to write the end semester university examination only by attaining a minimum attendance of 75% in aggregate in the Core as well as Elective subjects.

Attendance shall be calculated by taking the average of the attendance percentage of all the months in a semester. The final attendance shall be the total of the average of attendance in all the subjects opted by the student.

Students are not entitled any leave of absence. However, in case of unavoidable circumstances, an application for leave supported by relevant documents should be submitted to the Principal through the concerned Head of Department within three days from the first day of absence from class.

Monthly attendance report shall be communicated to students by all the Departments for confirmation.


The system of evaluation is based on Continuous Assessment (CA) and End Semester Examination (ESE) which carries 25 marks and 75 marks respectively.

There will be two Internal Examinations (IEs), the first and second round. Both rounds are mandatory for all students and shall be conducted by the College.Average of the two IEs shall be considered as the marks obtained in the IE in that paper out of 12 marks. Duration of IE is one(1) hour.

The total marks in the IEs will be 24 (= 10+9+5), however, as the IE carries only 12 marks weightage, the marks obtained by students will be reduced to its half.

Apart from the IE, there will be one Home Assignment carrying 8 marks in each paper.

Those students who attained 90% and above, 85% – 89%, 80% – 84%  and 75%-79% in class attendance shall earn 5 marks, 4 marks, 3 marks, and 2 marks respectively.

All performances of the students within the campus as well as other college activities outside the campus shall also be taken into consideration under the CA.

Question patterns for CBCS:

  1. One question out of 2 (two) descriptive questions of 10 marks each (i.e. 1×10=10).
  2. Three questions out of 5 (five) short answer type questions for 3 marks each (i.e. 3×3=9).
  3. Five questions of very short answer types for 1 mark each (i.e.1×5=5).

TOTAL = 24 marks

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