Construction of academic building: The College received grants from RUSA to the tune of Rs. 70 lakhs for the construction of a new academic building. The construction work which was undertaken by the Lushai Engineers, Aizawl started on 29th August 2016 and was completed in February 2017. The RUSA funded new building is currently in use for the Principal’s office and the College office.

An instrumental agent in the shifting of the College to the Central Campus: The College was earlier located at the Bawngkawn, Lunglei road below Aizawl – Lunglei National High Way. The approach road to the College was a steep and narrow road while the other was a narrow step. The College fraternity decided to shift the College to the new Campus at Brigade Area (now called the ‘Central Campus’). However, there was only one DoNER funded RCC building which does not accommodate the requirements of the College.

In the meantime, the College received a grant from RUSA through State Project Directorate. The fund was efficiently utilized for the constructions of three Assam type buildings under the supervision of Dr. J.V. Nunchunga (RUSA Institutional Coordinator) and Lalthlamuana (RUSA Nodal Officer, Financial aspects); the construction was completed within three months. The building now housed all the classrooms.

The construction of a new academic building and three classrooms buildings enabled us to shift to the Central Campus in February 2017. If the grants under RUSA had not been received, the College would still remain at the small and congested Bawngkawn Campus of Lunglei Road (now called the ‘Southern Campus’). In this connection, it is pertinent to mention that the UGC fund also played a vital role in the creation of infrastructure for the shifting of the College to the Central Campus.

Purchase of equipment: The College received a grant for the purchase of new equipment to strengthen teaching and learning system in the College. Under the head, RUSA SIM and smartphone – 1 no, Huawei Wingle – 1 no, computers for language Laboratory – 20 nos, computer table – 8 nos, Camera (Nikon Coolpix) – 1 no, students table/Chair – 103 nos, Almirah – 4 nos, photocopier – 1 no, LCD projector – 2 nos and other small equipment were purchased. A sum of Rs. 12,09,197/- was spent for the purchase of equipment.

The key for the functioning of Hostel: A fund amounting to Rs. 70 lakh was received from UGC for the construction of Boys Hostel and the same was constructed at Southern Campus, Bawngkawn. The fund was insufficient to accommodate the students who are in need of hostel facility. Hence, the College constructed another two floors using RUSA grants above the UGC funded hostel to increase the capacity of the Hostel and now, the Hostel has been in operation with effect from July 14, 2017. The sum of Rs. 12.50 lakh was utilized for the upgradation of the Hostel.

The College was also upgraded/ renovated College buildings/ campus as required and the sum of Rs. 22,94,309/- was utilized under the upgradation/ Renovation and campus development.

Equity initiatives: The first installment of Equity initiatives amounting to Rs. 10,14,667/- was received during 2016-17 and the same was fully utilized for running various programmes/ courses. The courses/ programmes administered are as follows:

a) Personality Development Course (PDC): The Innovation Committee conducted ‘Personality Development Course (PDC)’ for the final year (5th and 6th Semester) students with 90 days duration. The launching of the programme was held on September 29, 2016. Prof KL. Pradhan, Addl. State Project Director cum Member-Secretary, State Higher Education Council, RUSA inaugurated the Course in the presence of Dr. Zarzoliana, Jt. State Project Director, RUSA.

Under their initiative, effective and meaningful classes were conducted. The state’s renowned personalities like medical doctors, dietician, fitness instructor, social activist, industrialist, psychologist, economist, Finance Minister (Pu Lalsawta), Central YMA representatives, etc., delivered lectures in the class.

b) Seminar/training on Equal Opportunity: The Equal Opportunity Cell regularity organized seminars/ training for the students under the themes – Inclusive Education, Sensitisation on Anti-ragging and Empowerment of SC/ST/OBC.

c) Remedial Class: The Remedial Coaching Committee conducts remedial coaching class for SC/ST/OBC by framing a proper routine throughout the year for all the classes. The classes are of immense help for slow learners. Apart from the classes, the Committee is committed to ensuring computer literacy for all students and as such organized basic computer literacy programmes.

d) Women empowerment Aspects: To ensure gender equality and women empowerment in the College, the Women committee (WC) frequently conducts seminars/ training by inviting renounced women activists during 2016-17. The topics covered include – Life Skills Development, Women’s Rights under IPC, Protection of Women from Domestic violence, Protection of Women under the Law, Sex Education, etc.

e) Spoken Language: The College is equipped with 20 users SANAKO Language learning Software with English content & headphones. The Spoken Language Committee conducts a regular English spoken language classes for the final year (5th and 6th Semester) students by framing a proper routine.

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