GJTC 30 Jan 2020 : MARTYR’S DAY

On 20th January, 2020 Govt. J. Thankima has organized an observance of Martyr’s Day 2020 at the Lower Court Yard, Central Campus, Brigade Area. This day was celebrated for the throughout India for the commemoration of assassination of Mahatma Gandhi by a Hindu fanatic, Nathuram Godse on 30th January 1948.  

GJTC 7th Jan, 2020 : Short Term Training on Financial Management

Under the RUSA 2.0 Equity Initiatives (3rd Installment) – Personality Development Course, the Innovation and Best Practices and Department of Management of Govt. J. Thankima College has organized Short Term Training on Financial Management – Functional Areas of Business during 25th-31st December, 2019 for the students of Department of Management (BBA). On this short term 

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