1. College Timing: College begins at 9:00 A.M. The college observes five (5) working days a week from Monday to Friday.

2. Attendance: Students are required to attend a minimum of 75% in attendance, failing which students will not be permitted to appear in the University Examination as per MZU Ordinance.

3. Dress Code: Students shall comply with all dress standards and policies of the college. They are required to wear proper attire and practice good business etiquettes. They shall wear the college T-Shirt on Tuesday and Friday and during Internal and University Examinations.

4. Cleanliness: College premises must be kept clean and free of waste papers and rubbish, etc. Toilets must be kept clean.

5. Order and Silence: Students shall not loiter around in the corridor or speak loudly in front of classrooms, library, and office. Classroom order shall be properly maintained.

6. Residential Address: Any change in residential address must be intimated in writing with the signature of parents/guardians to the College office.

7. Harassing and Ragging: Harassing (physical, verbal, eve-teasing, written or electronic) or intimidation that is threatening an individual or limiting the ability of the student’s activity is subject to suitable legal actions Ragging in any form is strictly banned. Any person indulging in ragging can be punished and imprisoned as per the rules of the Supreme Court of India.


• In case of death or terminal illness of any enrolled students, a sum of Rs.10/- may be collected as Condolence/Relief Fund which shall be administered by the respective mentors and the Principal.

• Disfiguring and damaging the College property is strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule shall attract a sum of not less than Rs.100/-

• No programme shall be arranged by the students in the College campus without the prior permission of the Principal.

• Students are not permitted to use mobile phones and other electronic devices while classes are in progress.

• Students are required to bring their Identity Card daily.

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