The College has received financial assistance from the UGC during the XIth and XIIth Plan Period which have been utilized for the development of infrastructure of the College in various aspects as well as to provide the various needs of the students.

The grants have been utilized for enhancing personality development, skill development, soft-skills learning and confidence building through Entrepreneurship Skill Development Course (Coordinator-Dr. J.V Nunchunga), Coaching Classes for Entry into Services (Coordinator-Zoramthanga) and Remedial Coaching Class (Coordinator-Lalthlamuana).

Financial assistance provided by the UGC is also utilized for construction of the following buildings:

  1. Women’s Hostel (at North Campus, Durtlang)
  2. Boys Hostel (at South Campus, Bawngkawn)
  3. Indoor Sports Training Facilities/Hall (at North Campus, Durtlang)
  4. Canteen Building (at Central Campus, Bawngkawn Brigade)

Extension of buildings has been carried out from grants received from the UGC such as:

  1. Extension of the Administrative building (at South Campus, Bawngkawn)
  2. Extension of Class Room (at South Campus, Bawngkawn)
  3. Extension of Library Building (at South Campus, Bawngkawn)
  4. Extension of Class Room, under XIIth plan- GDA (at Central Campus)

The financial assistance received by the college is focused to support the teaching-learning process by upgrading infrastructure and Library facilities, use and development of ICT and modern technology.

Apart from this, the UGC has provided financial assistance to create, upgrade and maintain the Network Resource Centre, Procurement of Teaching Aid, organizing national and state level seminars, a stipend for students, house rent, study tours and grants for students from BPL family.

UGC grants have strengthened Career and Counseling services, Programmes of Equal Opportunity Cell.

Since the State Government does not have the resources to provide the varied needs of the Colleges other than the office contingency and monthly salary of the employees, the UGC at present is one of the main sources of developmental assistance for the College. The College at present is at a developing stage where financial assistance from the UGC is greatly needed for constructions of buildings, extension, and improvement of existing premises and for other varied needs of College in enhancing the students potential and learning. Hence, the College UGC planning board have taken initiatives and strives to promote quality and development of the College.

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