Institutional Governance in the College
The 12th Plan proposed a holistic plan for the development of higher education in the country by ensuring access, equity, and quality. The Plan, which recommended strategic utilization of central funds to ensure comprehensive planning at the State level recommended a new Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) ‘Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA)’.

RUSA would cover the 12th and 13th Plan Period for funding the State universities and colleges to achieve equity, access, and excellence in higher education. The allocation of funds under RUSA would be based on well-defined norms and linked to certain key academic, administrative and governance reforms in the State higher education system which currently enrolls over 96% of the students.

Board of Governors:
An institution is managed by Board of Governors (BoG) which enjoys the highest authority in the Institution. The Board of Governors of the College consisted of Lalrinsanga, Addl. Secretary, H&TE as the Chairperson, the Principal Prof. JV. Nunchunga as the Vice Chairperson and Mr. Lalngaihawma as the Institutional Coordinator. Other members are the Nodal Officers – Zoramthanga (Academic Aspects), Lalbiaknii Hmar (Procurement), Lalthlamuana (Financial Aspects), B.Lalzarzova (Equity Assurance Plan), Lalhmachhuana (Civil Works and Environmental Aspects).

To monitor and evaluate the performances of various activities/committees, a Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) has been formed in the College, with the Principal Prof. JV. Nunchunga as the Chairperson and Mr. Lalngaihawma as the Secretary. Other members include Mr. Lalmuanpuia (Faculty Representative), Zohmangaiha (College Librarian), representatives of the Students’ Union, Nodal Officers and the administrative staff.

Academic committee
Nodal Officer            : Prof. C. Lalremruata (Education Department)
Members  : (1) Ms. Rebecca Khiangte (History Department)
(2) Mr. Lalmuanpuia (Economics Department)
(3) Ms. Vanlalruati (Education Department)
(4) Ms. Brenda Laldingliani Sailo (English Department)
(5) Mr. Zohmangaiha (College Librarian)

Procurement committee
Nodal Officer            : Ms. Lalbiaknii Hmar (Pol Science Department)
Members   : (1) Ms. C. Vanlalruati (History Department)
(2) Mr. F. Sangvuana (Mizo Department)
(3) Ms. Zairemtluangi (Education Department)
(4) Ms. Lalrinfeli (Economics Department)
(5) Ms. Lalringzuali (Pol. Science Department)
(6) Ms. Dengtluangi Khawlhring (Cashier)

Finance committee
Nodal Officer            : Mr. Lalthlamuana (Pol Science Department)
Members   : (1) Mr. L. Lalmuana (MizoDepartment)
(2) Ms. Lalchangliana (History Department)
(3) Ms. Janet Sangkungi Pachuau (History Department)
(4) Ms. Lalrinsangi Ralte(English Department)
(5) Mr. Vanlalruata (UDC)
(6) Ms. Dengtluangi Khawlhring (Cashier)

Civil Works including environmental management committee
Nodal Officer            : Mr.  Lalhmachhuana (Mizo Department)
Members   : (1) Mr. Lalngaihawma (Economics Department)
(2) Ms. Sangrozami(Mizo Department)
(3) Ms. Lalhmunsiami Khianghte (English Department)
(4) Ms. R. Lalbiaktluangi (History Department)

Equity Assurance committee
Nodal Officer            : Pu B. Lalzarzova (Mizo Department)
Members    : (1) Zoramthanga (Pol Science Department)
(2) Lalthanchami Khiangte (History Department)
(3) Zairemtluangi (Education Department)
(4) Maria Lalremruati (English Department)
(5) F. Lalhlira (HA)

(1). Equal Opportunity Cell

Chairman/Co-ordinator      : Mr. Lalchangliana, (History Department)
Secretary/Adviser          : Ms. Maria Lalremruati (English Department)
Member                     : i)  Ms. Rebecca Khiangte (History Department)
ii) Coordinator of Remedial Coaching for ST/ST/OBC
iii) Coordinator of Coaching into Service for ST/ST/OBC

(2). Remedial coaching for SC/ST/OBC
Chairman/ Coordinator: Mr. Lalthlamuana (Pol Science Department)
Secretary                   : Ms. Rebecca Khiangte (History Department)
Members    :                (1) Ms. C. Vanlalruati (History Department)
(2) Ms. Lalringzuali (Pol Science Department)

(3) Women Committee (WC):
Chairman                   : Ms. Maria Lalremruati (English Department)
Secretary                   : Ms. C. Vanlalruati (History Department)
Members      : (1) Ms. Sangrozami (Mizo Department)
(2) Ms. Lalthanchami Khiangte (History Department)
(3) Ms. Vanlalruati (Education Department)
(4) Ms. Ramnunngaii (LDC)

(4). Innovation committee:
Chairman                   : Mr. Lalngaihawma (Economics Department)
Secretary                   : Ms. Lalrinsangi Ralte (English Department)
Members          :          (1) Ms. Zairemtluangi (Education Department)
(2) Ms. Lalrinfeli(Economics Department)
(3) Ms. R. Lalbiaktluangi (History Department)

(5). Spoken Language Committee:
Chairman                   : Ms. Lalhmunsiami Khiangte (English Department)
Secretary                   : Ms. Brenda Laldingliani Sailo (English Department)
Members                    :(1) Ms. Maria Lalremruati (English Department)
(2) Ms. Lalrinsangi Ralte (English Department)
(3) Mr. Lalhmachhuana (Mizo Department)

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