The College has set up Anti-Ragging and Grievance Redressal Committee on June 25th, 2007 in pursuance of the instruction of UGC to prohibit, prevent and eliminate the Ragging within the Institution and to rectified Grievance faced by the student. It has been established to find the solution for the problem faced by the students during the course of study.

The Committee taking certain actions as deemed mandatory under UGC Regulations:

  1. Preparation of Instruction Booklet regarding Objectives, Regulations, Punishable ingredients of Ragging and Punishments, etc.
  2. Conducting Sensitization programs and Seminars pertaining to Anti- Ragging at the College.
  3. Setting up of Anti-Ragging Squad/Monitoring Cell consisting of Junior Students, Senior students, and guardians etc.
  4. Preparation of brochure/instruction to be published in the Prospectus during the time of admission as instructed under UGC Anti-Ragging Regulations.
  5. Posters and hoardings notices displayed at the Institution and its premises, Hostels as well as vulnerable places of the Institution.
  6. Conducting the Competition on Slogan Writing at the College Campus pertaining to Anti-Ragging.
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