1. Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Chairman: Mr. Ramhmangaiha Ralte, Principal

Administrative Officers:

  1. Ms. Lalbiaknii Hmar, Vice Principal
  2. Mr. Zohmangaiha, Librarian
  3. Mr. F. Lalhlira, Head Assistant


  1. Dr. C. Lalremruata, Head of Department, Education
  2. Mr. Lalngaihawma, Head of Department, Economics
  3. Mr. F. Sangvuana, Head of Department, Mizo
  4. Ms. Brenda Laldingliani Sailo, Head of Department, English
  5. Ms. Lalringzuali, Head of Department, Pol. Science
  6. Ms. Rebecca Khiangte, Head of Department, History

Member of the Management: Mr. R. Lalrosanga Director, H&TE

Two Nominees from local society:
1. Chairman, Local Council, Bawngkawn
2. President, YMA, Bawngkawn Branch

Coordinator of IQAC: Mr. Zoramthanga, Asst. Professor, Deptt. Of Pol. Science

(Curricular Aspects and Teaching-Learning & Evaluation)

2. College Academic & Teaching-Learning Monitoring Committee (CATMOC)

Chairman: Dr. C. Lalremruata, Associate Professor
Secretary: Ms. Lalbiaknii Hmar, Associate Professor

  1. Ms. Brenda Laldingliani Sailo, HOD, English Department
  2. Ms. Lalringzuali, HOD., Department
  3. Dr. C. Lalremruata, HOD., Education Department
  4. Mr. F. Sangvuana, HOD., Mizo Department
  5. Mr. Lalngaihawma, HOD., Economics Department
  6. Ms. Rebecca Khiangte, HOD., History Department
  7. Mr. Lalmuanpuia, Secretary, AEC
  8. Ms. Lalrinfeli, LDC
  9. Mr. Zoramthanga, IQAC Coordinator

3. Admission & Examination Committee (AEC)

Chairman: Principal
Secretary: Mr. Lalmuanpuia, Associate Professor

  1. Mr. L. Lalmuana, Associate Professor
  2. Ms. Lalrinsangi Ralte, Assistant Professor
  3. Mr. Vanlalruata, UDC
  4. Mr. B.C.Tawna, LDC
  5. Ms. Lalrinfeli, LDC

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