Actions Taken by Govt. J. Thankima College to Fight Covid-19 during April, May and June 2020:

  1. Rs. 1,57,484.00 (Rupees One lakh Fifty Seven Thousand Four Hundred Eighty Four only) was donated to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
  2.  On 3rd April, 2020, Rice, Salt and other essential commodities were distributed at free of cost at College Adopted Villagee i.e. Nausel Village.
  3. Donated 5% of Basic pay to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (Rs. 2,02,665.00 : Rupees Two Lakhs Two Thousand Six Hundred Sixty Five only)
  4. Actions taken through National Service Scheme (NSS)
  5.  Extending Helping Hand : Employees Donations towards Local Level Task Force.


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