Divination Youth Adventure Club (GJTC) huaihawtin 17.02.2018 (Inrinni) hian College Campus-ah one day training neih a ni dawn. Equipment set kim tha the thaw a awm bawk e. Adventure Club-ah hian tlâng lâwn mai bakah phai leh ruam kal dân te zir thin a ni. Member that dân azirin hruaitu te’n fan ngai loh ram 

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The State Level Two Days Workshop on ‘Environmental Education: Issues and Challenges‘ shall be held on the 1st and 2nd February, 2018 at the College Central Campus. The workshop is jointly organised by MIZORAM ENVIS HUB and Government J. Thankima College. The programme for the same may be read as above.

Education Department conducts interactive programme at Govt. Johnson College

A Student Teacher interactive Programme for the sixth semester Education Department was conducted at Government Johnson College. The Programme was funded by RUSA scheme of Govt. Johnson College. In continuation of the Student Teacher interactive programme held at GJTC where teachers from Govt. Johnson College visited the College, the teachers in the Department of Education 

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Mr. Lalnunsanga, an alumnus of J. Thankima College passed away last night at 10:00 PM. Celebrating the fourth anniversary of the wedding of their friend, Mr. Nunsanga and his friends were on their way to Aizbawk village for dinner when his vehicle was hit by a Bolero car. After being treated at Aizawl Civil Hospital 

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GJTC Infoapp is mandatory

It has come to the notice of the College authority that a number of students have not installed GJTC Infoapp on their android device(s). Since the application is a major trust towards e-governance and an important channel through which important notices and information are being articulated. Hence, all students are informed to install the application 

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Road Safety Week observed in GJTC

As instructed by the Government of Mizoram and directed by the Principal, the ‘Road Safety Week‘ was observed in the College by taking the Road Safety Pledge today. The Road Safety Pledge which was circulated through WhatsApp and GJTC infoapp was administered in every class by the concerned teachers in the first period. And, the 

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Innovative teaching in Education classes

As an initiative to strengthen teaching-learning process in the College, an innovative activity of ‘Student’s Seminar’ was conducted in Education Department today. Under the guidance of Mrs. Vanlalruati, Associate Professor, the Seminar was conducted in the 6th Semester Class with a given topics covering Paper IX of their syllabus. Students participated actively in the seminar 

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JTC Android Application Training

JTC android application training programme was organised on today. The training programme was meant to disseminate information and use of the said application. All the academic HoDs and other concerned persons attended the training programme.