The National Service Scheme (NSS) was introduced in India on 24th September 1969 to commemorate the birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi in 37 Universities, involving thousands of students. Mahatma Gandhi always insisted the idea that students and youths should be involved in the nation-building process and service to the nation. Today NSS has grown as one of the biggest social service institution and youth movement in the world with more than 36 lakhs of dedicated volunteers all over the country.

The National Service Scheme (NSS) was introduced in our College in 1995 with a strength of two (2) units. Within a short period of time, the State Liaison Officer increased our units from two (2) to four (4), which, was a great challenge for the Programme Officers and volunteers as well. During all these years the student’s enrolment in the institution kept increasing and at present, it has increased to a strength of five (5) units manned by five Programme Officers namely –

  1. Dr. JV Nunchunga (Senior Batch PO & Cheque Holder)
  2. Lalhmunsiami Khiangte (Senior Batch PO)
  3. Lalhmachhuana (Junior Batch PO)
  4. Lalrinfeli (Junior Batch PO)
  5. Vanlalruati (Junior Batch PO)

The Programme Officers and volunteers of our college units, right from the year of its inception till today have been performing lots of activities through the years with undaunted spirits. The NSS Units has continued to render various community services. Through regular Activities and Special Campings which may be summarised as follows:-

A. Regular Activities:

  1. Our College NSS has four plantation sites at Durtlang Hospital Area, at Sihhmui (Airport Road), near A.R. Ground and at Thiak village area, where weeding, fencing and planting new saplings are done. These plantation sites are regularly visited and maintained with utmost care.
  2. Green Mizoram Day has been observed annually by paying a special visit to our plantation site, planting saplings, weeding, etc. Volunteers and PO’s sometimes enjoyed a feast on such programmes.
  3. Volunteers were again taught the importance of environment and our duty to carry out plantation work in connection with global warming, deforestation, and afforestation.
  4. Blood Donation Camps and Motivation Campaigns were organised annually where units of blood were donated either to Aizawl Civil Hospital or Synod Hospital Durtlang.
  5. TB Awareness Campaign was also organised this was conducted using power point presentation, questionnaire and discussion by the Regional TB District Centre of Aizawl.
  6. For Observance of World Sight Day, Eye Donation Campaign was Organised. Dr. Lalhmingthanga, Programme Officer & Deputy Director of Health & Family Services was invited to give a lecture on Eye Donation.
  7. The International Day of Non-Violence and cleanliness week had been observed every year. Our college was fortunately awarded the cleanest institution in 1999.
  8. On 17th-26th April’ 2011, ‘Inter-State Youth Exchange & Home Stay Programme’ was organised at Aizawl, Mizoram. The Programme was sponsored by Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth & Development (RGNIYD) and the State Liaison Office, Mizoram. Selected volunteers and POs participated in this programme and performed ‘cheraw’ (Mizo dance) in the inaugural session. During the Home Stay Programme, our College units hosted the NSS volunteers from Pondicherry.
  9. The NSS units organised Workshop on ‘International Day Against Drugs Abuse and Illicit Trafficking’ in the college. The Programme Coordinator of Community Health Action Network (CHAN) Jimmy Laltlanmawia delivered a speech on Anti-Human Trafficking which greatly impressed the volunteers.
  10. The NSS Units observed ‘World Forest Day’ and also International Women’s Day’.
  11. Public Urinals, Toilets, and Sheds were Constructed at various places in and around Aizawl. The local people also participated in such works.
  12. Cleanliness drive and campaigns were organised at the College campus and adopted villages at intervals.
  13. Entrepreneur Motivation Campaign was conducted on the college campus by the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Development Institute, Aizawl.
  14. Student volunteers participated in various programmes outside the state at the Republic Day Parade Camp at New Delhi, NSS Mega Camp at New Delhi and even went trekking and mountaineering.
  15. Training on ‘Life Skills and Personality Development’ was conducted on the college campus in July’ 2016.
  16. A special Swachhata Campaign was held in the College campus and a very special cleanliness work was also organised.
  17. The NSS Unit and Red Ribbon Club jointly organised HIV/AIDS. Awareness Campaign at the College Hall. All Student volunteers, teachers and programme officers participated and light a candle to signify their care for AIDS patients. Poster Painting Competition was also organised in connection with HIV/AIDS and its awareness. Prizes were distributed to the winners and all other participants.
  18. The NSS Programme Officers attended many programmes in and outside the state. Ms. Maria Lalremruati, (PO 2011) attended a training course for Youth Policy on Information and Communication Technology at Tokyo, Japan under Japan International Co-operation Agency (JAICA) during January 2011.
  19. Again, The Programme Officers participated in various programmes and functions under NSS within the state as well as outside the state as and when necessary.

B. Special Camping:

  1. Special camping was organised at Thingsai Village where public water tank and two public urinals were constructed. The camp ends with a visit to Mizo historical places.
  2. Special campings were organised at Bawngkawn, Bukpui and Durtlang village and also at Khawhai during 2008, 2009, and 2010 in which public urinals, water tanks, and sheds were constructed. Local volunteers also actively participated in the construction works.
  3. Special campings were organised at Sentlang Village and Lungdai Village volunteers constructed waiting shed at Sentlang and two public urinals at Lungdai Village.
  4. Our Units volunteers in collaboration with NGO (YMA) of the locality constructed waiting shed under special camping programme. The theme of the special camping was ‘Health, Public Sanitation and Personal Hygiene’ and on the second day, community talk programme was organised at Sihphir Primary School-I with the Locals regarding personal hygiene.
  5. Public viewshed was constructed at Durtlang Leitan. This creates a great impact on the people about NSS works and it proved to be very useful for spreading the message of selfless sacrifice.
  6. The public urinal was again constructed at Zemabawk Venglai, the approach road to Cancer Hospital and RIPANS. Local and student volunteers took an active part in the construction work.
  7. There was not a single public waiting shed at Brigade Area, Bawngkawn and as such, the NSS unit constructed a public waiting shed under NSS Special Camping Activity.

C. Other activities:

  1. NSS Exposure Trip was organised at Reiek Mountain. Cleanliness works were conducted in Reiek Resort Centre four POs and eighty (80) volunteers participated.
  2. Rebecca Khiangte, PO, participated as a judge on the 8th Millenium Goal Pastor Design Competition at Hrangbana College, Aizawl organised by State Liaison Officer, NSS Cell Aizawl. Two Volunteers – Vannunziri Fanai and Elizabeth Lalhmingmawii III Year B.A. also participated in the competition.
  3. Dr. JV Nunchunga PO and 9 volunteers attended the Digital India Initiatives Conference at the Mizoram University Conference Hall.
  4. Release function of NSS Mizoram Directory – 2017 and special meeting and training was attended by two (2) POs at I & PR Auditorium, Aizawl.
  5. A number of volunteers guided by two (2) POs took part in the Project Pushpak Golden Jubilee Run at AR Ground, Aizawl. Lalnunhlui, II Semester was successful in attaining the 2nd and 4th position in two racing category.

For conclusion, we thanked all the NSS volunteers, NGOs and Programme Officers who made our activities noteworthy. Their unconditional support and participation is surely a step to success in achieving NSS goals.

‘Not Me, But You’

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