Webinar on Educational Ethics in a College(Teacher, Staff and Student), 8th December, 2021

Webinar on Educational Ethics in a College(Teacher, Staff and Student) Organised by GLOMC and CAC, Govt J Thankima College on 8th December 2021.

Webinar on Educational Ethics in a College, 11th December, 2021


A college level webinar on Educational Ethics in a College meant for teachers, staffs and students was jointly organised by GLMOC and CAC, Govt. J.Thankima College on 18th November, 2021. The host for this webinar was Dr. Diana Zorinsangi and the resource person was Dr.Vanlalruatfela Hlondo, Assistant Professor, Institute of Advanced Studies in Education (IASE). The objective of this webinar was to sensitize the teachers on professional ethics, their duties and responsibilities as a teacher, the role of the non-teaching staffs and manners and etiquette for the students. The resource person mainly stressed on the responsibilities of the teachers, how they should adhere to a responsible pattern of conduct and demeanor expected of them by the community, seek their professional growth without hampering or neglecting their job as a teacher, always perform their duties in the form of teaching, tutorials, seminars, research work , conscientiously and with dedication. He also stressed on the importance of participating in extension, co-curricular activities, including the community service besides teaching and moulding the lives of the students. The teachers and non-teaching staffs and students were also sensitized regarding any kind of conflicts that could have arrived between the teachers, between teachers and non-teaching staffs or among the students and how to avoid these conflicts. Students were given thorough briefing on manners and etiquettes, why they need to obey their teachers, why they need to focus on their studies more than ever before so as to survive in today’s digital and competitive world, the importance of forming Students Union Council, the roles and responsibilities of Students Union leaders and reason why they have been elected for that post. The webinar was then concluded with a vote of thanks from Vice-Principal, Lalhmachhuana. The webinar was sure to have a positive outcome as the resource person himself was completely and deeply immersed in the topic which was well-articulated and the participants were enlightened and overwhelmed by his mesmerizing discourse on the topic that he had presented.

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