GJTC the 28th July, 2020 : GJTC Alumni Meeting

Alumni Association Govt. J. Thankima College

Office Bearers

President            : C. Lalrindika

Vice-President : John A. Lalnghakzuala

Secretary             : K.L. Nunchama

Asst. Secy.          : Lalzuitluanga Hnamte

Treasurer            : C. Lalnunfeli

Fin. Secy.             : Nangsawmthanga



  1. Lalbiaknii Hmar, (Associate Professor – Dept. of Pol. Sc.)
  2. Lalhmunsiami Khiangte, (Associate Professor -Dept. of English)
  • Rebecca Khiangte (Associate Professor – Dept. of History)



Place : Residence of Ms. Rebecca Khiangte

Time : 26th July, 2020


  1. Exit Questionnaire: The meeting decided to conduct feedback on Exit Questionnaire for the outgoing students i.e. 6th Semester Students on 21st August, 2020. Mr. Nangsawmthanga, Fin. Secy was entrusted to prepare the questionnaire.
  2. Alumni Survey : In order to know the details of the all alumni, it was decided to conduct alumni systematic survey for enlisting all the students who have passed out from the college. Following are the different persons to collect the names or undertake survey at different periods;
  3. Before 2016 : C. Lalrindika, A. Lalnghakzuala, Nangsawmthanga, Rebecca Khiangte.
  4. 2016-17: KL Nunchama, C. Lalzuitluanga, C.Lalnunfeli
  • 2017-18: C. Thangmawia, Lalnunsangi
  1. 2018-19 : Emmanuel Lalhmangaihsanga, Lallawmzuala
  2. Organising Online Career Motivational Talk: It was decided to organized online career motivational talk at the convenient time during the current academic session.
  3. Alumni Home Coming: The meeting decided to organize Alumni Home Coming 2020 on 5th September at the College Central Campus.
  4. Alumni Constitution: The meeting decided to make GJTC Alumni Constitution. President, Alumni of GJTC was entrusted to prepare the draft of constitution.
  5. It was decided to continue of presenting appreciation to the rank holder in university examination and recipient of medal in college activities, and Secy. Alumni was entrusted to collect the names that were deserved.
  6. Alumni Office: For keeping the records and other documents, the meeting decided to approach the principal for making space / office for alumni.
  7. Alumni Association Register: For regular updating and enlisting of new members, a new register may be maintained. Mr. Nangsawmthanga, Fin. Secy was entrusted to maintain updating and enlisting of new member to the register.
  8. On behalf of the GJTC Alumni Association, the Secretary Alumni Association GJTC was appointed to nominate alumni members to deliver speech on the important functions / occasions organized by the college.


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