GJTC 7th September, 2020 : Online Examination during Covid-19 :

As notification has been issued by the Mizoram University regarding opting the mode of answering (online, offline and blended) the university examination 2020, all students of Govt. J. Thankima College have opted online mode for answering the exam. Department of Management has started online examination for 2nd and 4th Semesters on 24th August, 2020. From 1st September, 2020 other academic departments have started online examination. As the Mizoram University has revised the marking system for 2nd, 4th Semester (Regular), viz 25 marks internal continuous assessment, 50 marks on the basis of performance in the previous semester exam and 25 marks Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) which will be conducted by the college; the college ICT committee in consultation with Admission and Examination Committee (AEC) decided to use Google Form App for conducting online examination. The Google form app was a self-generated marking system, when students submitted/uploaded their online answer sheet to the system and their marks were instantly generated. For 6th Semester (Regular) and repeaters of all semesters, other online stream examinations were also conducted from 1st September, 2020. Google Meet application was used for rendering supervision of 5th Semesters Exam.

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