GJTC 21st April 2021 : One Day Training (DYAC)

On 10th April, 2021, the Divination of Youth Adventure Club, Govt. J. Thankima College has successfully organised One Day Training at World Bank Road Bridge. On this training,  various adventure activities like Rope Knot, Rope Hitch, Rope Coil, Rapelling Overhanged and Zipline were conducted. 36 students, 3 instructors form Department of Disaster Management and Miss 

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GJTC 21st April, 2021 : Visit to State Central Library

On 9th April, 2021, the Department of English (6th Sem), GJTC has visited Mizoram State Central Library, New Capital Complex. The students were escorted by Mrs. Maria Lalremruati, Associate Professor, Dept. of English.

GJTC 21st April, 2021 : Online Faculty Cum Students Exchange Programme

On 13th April, 2021 (3:00 pm – 4:30 p.m) an online(Gmeet) Faculty Cum Student Exchange Programme was jointly organised by Departments of History Govt. J. Thankima College and Govt. T. Romana College. Teachers and students from the two colleges discuss the problems and issues faced by the teachers and students on an online mode of 

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