State Level webinar on awareness on Protection of Child Rights and Sexual Harassment

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State Level webinar on awareness on Protection of Child Rights and Sexual Harassment jointly organized by Women Committee, Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) Govt. J. Thankima College and MHIP, Bawngkawn Aizawl on 1st November 2021

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State Level Webinar on Awareness on Protection of Child Rights and Sexual Harassment of Women was jointly organized by Interal Complaints Committee (ICC) Women Committee, Government J. Thankima College, and MHI, Bawngkawn, Aizawl on 1st November, 2021 at 7:30 Pm at ZOOM MEET.



The Program was organized to raise awareness among students, staffs and local stake holders of Bawnkawn Area, to make render Awareness on Sexual Harassment of Women and Children, to make known the need and special rights of children because they need extra protection that adults don’t. The purpose of the webinar is to be able to help children develop his or her fullest possible potential and to learn respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.


The Program aims to enlighten the participants on Child Rights, and Sexual Harassment and to create awareness among the public of the rights of children and Women, and Since every child has the ‘right to live, right to grow, right to protection and right to participation’ as per the UN declaration, the Program was organized.


The Programme was hosted by Ms. Maria Lalremruati, Presiding Officer, ICC and Chairman, Women Committee. Dr. C. Lalsangzuala, Chairman, Mizoram State Commission for Protection of Child Rights was the Resource Person. Ms. Chawngtluangi, President, MHIP, Bawngkawn gave a short talk on the importance of organizing such program and also deliberated on her experience and cases dealt with in the Bawnkawn area during her President ship.


The Resource Person was Dr. C. Lalsangzuala, Chairman, Mizoram State Commission for Protection of Child Rights, and Member, Mizoram Youth Commission. He talked about several challenges to raising awareness of child rights and his experience and Case studies for promoting the real life situations and problems encountered by children.


He Stresses on Fundamental Rights in the Constitution that directly relate to children such as Article 15(3), Article 21-A, Article 23, Article 24, and the Directive Principles of State Policy that directly relate to children etc. He further stressed on Need of Protection of every child, Children who are victims of crime, Child Right Issues, Juvenile Justice Act, Governmental Commitment to Fulfilling Protection Rights, Recommendations, Prevention of Child Rights violation etc.


Apart from talk on Child Rights, he talked on the Nature, Laws, Prevention and experiences encountered in his course of work regarding Sexual harassment pertaining to Women and Children. He also made mention of the different forms of harassments and how harassment prevention awareness program can help all participants to be more open to the diversity of the workforce they belong to. The programme serves as a foundation of a long-term goal – a harassment-free workplace and educational place, and how the participants can render their knowledge to others.  The Program serves as platform for discussion after the speech made by the resource person and a lot is benefitted by the Participants. A safe and conducive environment for work and education will be fostered much after the conduction of the Awareness Program, thus, creating a safe and secure environment for all.


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