One Day Retreat cum Drugs Awareness Campaign and MSEU Visiting Programme. Jointly organised by SEU GJTC, Anti-Drug Club GJTC and MSEU( Mizoram Students’ Evangelical Union)

One Day Retreat cum Drugs Awareness Campaign and MSEU Visiting Programme. Jointly organised by SEU GJTC, Anti-Drug Club GJTC and MSEU( Mizoram Students’ Evangelical Union)



  1. Title of activity : One Day Retreat Cum Drugs Awareness Programme and MSEU (Mizoram Students’ Evangelical Union) Visit Programme
  2. Date / Duration : 26th August, 2022. (9:30-4:30pm)
  3. Venue : Lower Court Yard, Govt. J. Thankima College, Brigate Bawngawn.
  4. Objective(s) of the activity :
  5. Raise awareness about mental health issues.
  6. To mobilize support and inspire people to act against drug use.
  7. to revive the moral, ethical and spiritual.


  1. Context / background of the activity:

The resource person Esther Lalhmangaihdawngkimi talks about mental  health, how important it is to have good mental health in any activities, not only for addicts, but for everyone. Especially for students and clergies, it is important to be alert and light-hearted. To have a good mental health, it is a must to know when and where. She said that it is important to take good care of our body which is a gift of God, sleep at a proper time, have good hygiene and exercise regularly for an energetic life. She explained what Depression, Anxiety and Stress are, and if we ever get associated with any, we should consult a doctor or others with this profession.

Pu Vanlalvuana, our resource person said that we should not detest our self-worth, we should not just blurt out words of Gospel that came to our mind, it is important to let it show in the way we live our life. He said that if we encounter any kind of hardships and discouragement in life, we should never think of taking our precious life. It is very important to be reborn and to have God in your life

Our third resource person, Pu H. Lalparliana said that students of SEU should take utmost importance to their studies and that they can do work of ministries without while being efficient in their studies. He also said that it is satisfactory that we do our best to work for God while we can. At the same time, it is important that we are a true reborn to preach Gospel. He gave an example of the Ten Virgins from the Bible, saying the loss of being the ones not having oil. So it is important to know ourself and to strive for our best to be a blessing for others


  1. Name & designation of resource person(s), if any :
  2. Esther Lalhmangaihdawngkimi

Counselor, Pychologist, DCPC.

Topic: Mental Health

  1. Vanlalvuana Speaker

Kross Hnehna Puangtu team.

Synod Revival Speaker

Topic: I nihna kha ngainep suh.

  1. Lalparliana

Vice President MSEU

  1. Sponsoring agency (ies) : MSEU, GJTC SEU and GJTC Anti-Drug Club
  2. Expenditure (in INR), if any : Rs. 9500/-
  3. Name of agency (ies) that organised / conducted the activity :
  • Students’ Evangelical Union, Govt. J. Thankima College
  • Anti-Drug Club, Govt. J. Thankima College
  • Mizoram Students’ Evangelical Union
  1. Number of student participants : Total 352 (male 173, female 176);
  2. Class & Section of students participants : 1st Semester, 3rd Semester & 5th Semester Students.
  3. Number of teacher participants : 6
  4. Number of Alumni participants, if any : 3
  5. Number of parents participanting, if any : Nil
  6. Number of other participants if any: 37 participants from students of other colleges of SEU , MSEU family and office bearer with MSEU President John Zoliana.


  1. Brief outline of the programme sequence :

FIRST SESSION 9:30am -12:30pm

Zaihona                : Dar 9:30am – 10:00 am

Tan Hun                : Dar 10:00 am

Hruaitu                  :  C.Vanlalruati

(Patron SEU, Chairman Anti-Drug Club GJTC, Treasurer MSEU)

Tantu                     : Lalrinnunga (Leader, SEU)

Thusawi                 : 1) Esther Lalkhawngaihdawngkimi

Counselor (Family Guidance and Counselling Centre),

Psychologist, DCPC.

2)  Vanlalvuana Synod Revival Speaker, Venghlui.

He is the person who received State Award for his contribution towards the s

1:00pm – 1:30pm Refreshment

SECOND SESSION  1:30-4:00pm

Tan Hun            : Dar 1:30pm

Hruaitu              : P.C. Lalngaihawmi (Secretary, SEU)

Tantu                 :Tv Lalhmangaihzuala (Asstant Leader, SEU)

Special Items     : GJTC SEU BAND

Short Sermon     : Pu H.Lalparliana (Vice President, MSEU)

Praise & Worship: Praise Group (MSEU)

Vote of Thanks   : Maria Lalremruati (Adviser SEU & ECM MSEU)


  1. Any other report(s) : Refreshment distributed to all the participants. The programme includes speech and praise and worship. All the participants were singing and dancing in praise of God while the worship team were leading the crowd with an action song. The programme ended after the fellowship in a peaceful state.
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